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What is a Resin Bound Surface?
A Resin Bound Surface is the combinations of natural stone aggregates and resin to produce a solid and durable surface. Coating small stone in a resin and allowing to cure provides a system where every stone is bound to its neighbours and creating one solid surface.
How is it permeable?
The nature in which the aggregate is bound together means that small voids remain between them. This allows water to freely pass through the surface but without compromising on strength.
Do I need planning permission?
When installing a fully SUDs compliant resin bound surface, you will not need planning permission. This is because there is no surface water run-off that may cause drainage issues.
How do i keep it clean and free of weeds?
Resin bound surfacing is much more resistant to weed growth than other paving methods such as block paving. Because of the permeable nature of the surface, weeds are deprived of the water the need to grow. Cleaning is also easy simply sweeping loose debris and leaves of the surface when required and an occasional jet wash is all that is required.
Do you carry out preparation and ground works?
We can carry out all prep-work and ground-works on your project. Alternatively we can work around other trades and apply only the resin bound surface if that is what you prefer.
Do you offer a guarantee?
We offer a 10 year guarantee on our resin bound paving installations.

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